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Teeth to long for. Your most personal white jewellery. Enough to let you laugh for life. Because they shine brightly and show who you are.

Dentista feels: healthy teeth are the most beautiful teeth. We thus make sure that you can enjoy it for the rest of your life. We do this by focussing on long-term solutions for all our treatments. So even if you want your teeth a little straighter, more perfect or more radiantly white, you can be sure that we will never let this be at the expense of the health of your teeth.


It is important to Dentista that you feel completely at ease here. When you come for the first time, we always start with an intake: your dentist then takes the time to get to know you and your teeth well.

By looking carefully and of course also by going through the information and photos of your previous practitioner. It is thus important that you request this information and take it with you. It is possible that the information is too old. In that case it will be necessary to take new measurements and new photos.

During an intake, your dentist will also ask your personal questions. Not just for fun, but also to get an image of your daily habits. This has a major influence on your dental health.

During the intake we also perform a short periodic check-up, and we can create a treatment plan for you if necessary.

This treatment plan also always includes a budget, including the NzA codes. This way you can easily check with your insurance which costs they will cover. So, you know in advance exactly where you stand and what costs are involved with the treatment plan.

We look forward to welcoming you to our healthy teeth boutique.

Lovely new practice. Everything is brand new. First, a dentist duo examines my teeth. A you dentist who received the best training in Spain, with his Dutch “nestor”. Great idea! This way I know that they are looking at my teeth with up-to-date knowledge and lots of experience. Specifically, because I am going to start a major dental renovation, I really recommend this.

Arie MenkenConversationalist

I am so glad this is my new dentist! I have never seen such a lovely dental practice. Very nice, relaxed atmosphere, almost as if you are entering a luxury spa. Surely then it is a lot nice getting into the chair. The treatment is also good and professional. A ten for Dentista!

Sophie JansenEditor

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